Garage Door Installations

The price of a garage door installation will depend on a number of factors like the type and size of the door, the material the door is made from as well as the labour involved in the installation process.

The cost of the garage door installation ranges from R2500 to R4500 for a single garage door with an average price of R3000 to R7000 for a double garage door with an average price of R4500. This excludes automation.

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Factors that will affect the price of the Garage Door Installation


Garage doors come in a standard single 2440mm x 2130mm or a double 4880mm x 2130mm but can be custom made at a higher price. Double garage doors will usually cost more to install as they require more labour.


The material of the garage door will affect the cost of the installation as some materials are heavier or harder to work with and will have different labour requirements. The cost of installation will also depend on whether the garage door has windows or not.


The cost of a garage door installation will largely depend on the amount of time it takes to install the garage door. Installation can take anywhere from two to four hours granted there are no unforeseen issues. Single garage doors take less time to install making them cheaper while double and custom-made garage doors take longer to install and will cost more.

Installation of a Manual or Automatic Garage Door

Installing a manual garage door is much cheaper and easier when compared to an automatic garage door installation. Manual garage doors are much lighter and easier to install as they do not have electrics whereas automatic garage doors have a motor and cables and are therefore heavier and more complicated to install. 

Common Garage Door Types 

  • Wooden Garage Doors– Most wooden garage doors are made from a strong wood called Meranti. You can choose from a variety of styles and panels. 
  • Aluminium Garage Doors– Aluminium is a lightweight metal used to make aluminium garage doors. This makes them a popular choice as they are easily operated and will last long with minimal wear and tear.
  • Roll-up garage doors– If you are looking to save space, the roll-up garage door is a great option because it is not only easy to roll up but also rolls up above your doorway on the inside of your garage.
  • Aluzinc garage doors (Cromadek)– Aluzinc garage doors are a more affordable option when compared to aluminium garage doors, they are also lightweight and rust-resistant and come in a variety of different colours.

Why Hire an Expert when Installing a Garage Door?

When considering the price of a new garage door as well as the added cost of installation you may be tempted to install the new door yourself, don’t make this mistake as it may cost you more in the long run. A garage door is heavy making it difficult to install alone, experts will have a team working together on the installation process. If you have decided on an automatic garage door, you will need an expert to make sure the electrical work has been done correctly, another advantage of hiring an expert to install your garage door is the added benefit of removing the old garage door, saving you time and money. 

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Here are our estimated current prices which include vat and full installation. This will give you an idea of how much a garage door costs including installation.

Single Rollup: R5 000

Aluzinc Sectional Single: R9 200
Aluzinc Sectional Double: R13 500

Aluminium Single: R11 500
Aluminium Double: R18 000

Meranti Single: R12 500
Meranti Double: R22 500

Automation for sectional doors: R5 500

NOTE: These are starting from estimated prices and are subject to change. If you are happy with those prices and have the budget please proceed to get a quote and click next.

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