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Roller Shutter Doors For Industrial and Home Applications

Are you fed up with being broken into?
Does your insurance not want to cover the losses from burglaries anymore?
Most robberies occur through windows and doors, roller shutters will stop this from happening!

  • Long lifespan, 25 years +
  • Strong difficult to penetrate barrier.
  • Customized to fit your building and needs
  • Shelter from harsh weather 

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Types of Roller Shutter Doors

There are several kinds of roller shutters to fulfil various needs for both commercial and residential.

Interior Perforated Roller Shutter doors

Interior perforated shutters are fitted to the inside of buildings like shop doors inside malls. 

  • Perforated to provide excellent ventilation
  • Allow for a lot of light to penetrate
  • Different finishes, styles and colours to match your store.

Exterior Roller Shutter Doors

These doors are offered in solid and perforated options made from various materials and offered in various styles, colours and sizes to suit any building’s needs. 

  • Stronger designs and extra reinforcing.
  • Perforated and Solid options
  • Weatherproof options.

Manual Roller Shutters Doors

Manual Roller shutter Doors as the name suggests are operated manually. 

  • Can be opened with a hand crank
  • No need for electrical installation
  • Are budget friendly 
  • No electrical parts that can fail

Electric Automated Roller Shutters Doors

Automated Roller Shutter Doors are a lot more convenient but the convenience comes at a cost with higher initial investment costs and a bit of added maintenance.

  • Opened and closed with a push of a button
  • Can be integrated into the rest of the security system
  • Convenient to open multiple times a day.
  • Single and Three phase motor available 

Built-In Roller Shutters Doors

With built-in Roller Shutter Doors, the frame of the door is recessed into the walls. 

  • Provides extra security against tampering and hides a lot of the components especially
  • Sleek frameless look when open. 
  • Harder to install and requires proper planning

Built-On Roller Shutters Doors

Built-on roller shutter doors are attached to the installation’s surface. This implies that your door’s rails and shutter boxes will be exposed and visible.

  • Modern pleasing designs 
  • Easier and less expensive to install
  • Tamperproof

Roller Shutter Doors for every Application

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

Close up shop knowing that when you come back the next morning, everything will be exactly as you left it. Retail Roller Shutters Doors for shop fronts:

  • An excellent way to secure property against burglaries
  • Are available in aluminium and steel configurations
  • Solid and perforated options available
  • 20%, 50% and 80% visibility options
  • Custom designs, finishes and colour options
  • Manual and Automated options

Shop and Retail Outlet Roller Shutter Doors

Commercial properties usually house expensive stock and equipment that are prone to be stolen. Protect your Commercial property by installing a highly secure Roller Shutter Door.

  • Available in steel and aluminium
  • Insulated versions for energy optimization
  • Manual and automated versions 
  • Custom sizes, designs and finishes available

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors for Factories

When operating an industrial property it is important to keep your staff, equipment and stock safe from criminals. Installing a Roller Shutter Door is one of the easiest ways to improve the security of a property. 

  • Fire retardant versions available 
  • Custom designs sizes and finishes
  • Single and Three phase motors 
  • Offered in steel and aluminium
  • High strength versions for hazardous storage 
  • Can be integrated with other automation systems

Roller Shutters for Home and other Residential Properties​

A fire can wreak havoc and obliterate your entire property and everything inside it. But by fitting a Fire Retardent Roller Shutter Doors you can help prevent the spread of a fire. Fire retardant doors are:

  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • 30, 60,120 and 240min certified fire barrier.
  • Can be integrated with the rest of the fire prevention and suppression system

Fire Retardent Roller Shutters Doors​

Adding roller shutters to doors and windows that can be closed at night or when you are not at home can improve the security of a property immensely. 

  • Roller shutters are minimally invasive when open
  • Manual and automated versions
  • Offered in steel and aluminium
  • Custom made to fit any window or door

Roller Shutter Garage Doors in George Garden Route

Whether your garage houses an old Toyota Corrola or a new S-Class Mecades it is important that it be secured and installing a Roller Shutter Garage Door can help secure your vehicles.

  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • Aluminium and steel versions
  • Different finishes and colours to choose from
  • Manual and automated versions


Car Park Shutters Doors In George Garden Route

Roller shutters specifically designed for Car Parks are available in steel and aluminium construction. 

  • Solid, perforated or grill-type versions
  • Available with three-phase and single-phase motors.
  • Can be combined with various traffic management, safety and anti-theft systems.

Some factors that should be taken into account when selecting the appropriate Car Park Roller Shutter Door:

  • How many times a day will the shutter open and close? Will there only be one car occasionally over the day, or might there be up to 60+ cars every hour?
  • Does ventilation through the roller door need to be provided? Parking lots require ventilation to prevent the buildup of car exhaust fumes. We have parking lot Roller Shutter Doors that can allow for airflow of up to 80%.
  • How do you want the parking lot shutter to be operated? a straightforward switch, a remote control, an access control system, a building management system, or number plate recognition.

If you are not sure about what type of Roller Shutter Door to select speak to a Garage Door Pros Partner and they will discuss your need and advise you on the appropriate Roller Shutter Door for your project.

Advantages of Roller Shutter Doors

Made from metals such as aluminium and steel making them robust and durable.

Secure and provide a strong physical barrier that will protect your property from thieves and vandals.

Great visual deterrent against thieves and vandals because they know how tuff they are.

Protection against all types of weather conditions and can be fitted with weather guards further ensuring that your premise stays dry.

Fire protection and can prevent a fire from spreading through the property.

Easy to operate and automated doors can open and close with the simple push of a button.

Insulated Options are available. This help keeps everything out from the noise of the street to a cold winter breeze

Can help keep light out of the building or let light in when necessary by opening and closing the shutters.

Scratch and rust-resistant with the use of modern coating techniques or metal finishes​

They look professional and they can make your business front look more sophisticated.

They are highly customizable and can be ordered to fit any opening

They are available in various different styles and materials to suit any purpose.​

How Installing a Shutter Roller Doors helps keep your property secure.

Roller Shutter Doors can increase the security of both commercial and residential properties. Below we will discuss how a Roller Shutter Door can increase the security of your property. 

It provides an effective deterrent.

The primary task is to deter the would-be criminal in order to prevent losses and harm. With a Roller Shutter Door, you stand out from other companies or houses that lack this level of security, which deters thieves from choosing you as their next victim. 

Provides a strong physical barrier that thieves need to penetrate

Security shutters provide an extreme physical barrier. Even though no security shutter system is impenetrable, thieves are aware that it will require a lot of time, effort, and noise to open.

They complement other security systems perfectly 

Security measures should be seen as links in a chain that complement one another and cannot be seen in isolation. Integrating Roller Shutters with alarms, CCTV, motion sensors, and other deterrents are very effective.

Reduced insurance rates or Insurance requirement 

In some locations, insurance companies might require you to fit a Shutter Roller Door to your premises while other insurance companies might give a reduced tariff if your premises is fitted with a Shutter Roller Door.

A cost-effective way to improve a property’s security

Not only does it deter criminals when they see that a building has been outfitted with Roller Shutters but it also acts as a strong physical barrier that a thief needs to penetrate.

Why Choose a Garage Door Pros partner to supply and install your Roller Sutter Door?

It can often be difficult to find a reliable Roller Shutter Door supplier and installer and that is why we vetted many companies and selected the best companies to join our network of Roller Shutter Door suppliers and Installers. 

Here are some benefits of selecting a Garage Door Pros partner for your Roller Shutter Door installation:

  • All variants of Roller Shutter Doors
  • Customize your Roller Shutter Door to fit your property and requirements 
  • Extensive experience in installing Roller Shutter Doors for commercial en residential properties.
  • High quality and are built to last
  • Built-on and Built-In versions available
  • Roller Shutter doors are manufactured to iso 9001 standards and are SABS approved

If you are interested in a Roller Shutter Door for your commercial or residential property contact fill in the form or give us a call for same-day response.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing roller shutters on your property’s windows and doors will provide a number of advantages, such as increased security, lower energy consumption, and increased fire safety. These frequently asked questions can assist you in selecting the ideal shutter for your home or business.

Roller shutters are manufactured from high-grade aluminium or steel, with some being insulated with high-density polyurethane.  They are constructed as a system of interlocking slats and have a fade- and scratch-resistant baked enamel paint or powder-coated finish.  This means that shutters are extremely strong and durable.

Yes, South Africa has several manufacturers of Roller Shutter Doors that are designed to meet the demand of the harsh South African Climate and operating conditions

Roller Shutters can be used on most properties and custom designs are available no matter the application the size of the Roller Shutter Door or the style of the building.

Roller Shutters are built tuff from steel aluminium and other high-grade materials meaning they will last for many years to come  Roller shutters are easy to clean with a damp cloth or by hosing them down with a high-pressure washer every few months. Roller shutter tracks should also be lubricated once a year depending on weather conditions

Solid Roller Shutters can be opened fully or closed completely to seal off the light. You can have a clear unobstructed view or close the shutter when requiring privacy.

Roller Shutters Doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes making them fit perfectly with your house a breeze.

Roller Shutters Doors are operated manually by turning a hand crank or there are automated versions available that can be raised or lowered with the touch of a button

Yes like anything automated it is possible to have a remote control that you can open or close selected Roller Shutter Doors.

Roller Shutters Doors provide an extra layer of insulation when closed meaning your property will stay warmer in the colder months and cooler in the hotter months meaning that you can save quite a bit on heating and air conditioner bills.

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