Commercial, Industrial and Residential Roller Shutter Doors for Sale, Installations and Repairs

Roller Shutter Door Services, Repairs and Installations

Looking for an efficient way to secure your South African property? Roller Shutter Doors offered through our trusted partners at Garage Door Pros, might be the perfect fit. These doors do more than just enhance security; they offer many advantages that cater to a wide range of requirements and preferences. 

  • Advanced Security: Robust design to deter break-ins and vandalism.
  • Space Optimization: Ideal for compact areas due to their vertical operation.
  • Customization Flexibility: Tailored to fit the specific dimensions and style of your property.
  • Durability: Made with premium materials to withstand harsh weather and frequent use.
  • Energy Efficiency: Excellent insulation properties help maintain indoor temperature.
  • Noise Reduction: Effective in minimizing external sound intrusion when closed
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Wide Range of Roller Shutter Doors for Sale from Our Partners

Our Partners offer roller doors to secure almost any type of building. They offer roller shutters for both commercial and residential buildings and come in a wide range of materials, sizes and colours.

Roller Shutter Doors for Residential Properties

In South Africa, enhancing the safety of your home doesn’t mean compromising its aesthetics. At Garage Door Pros, we understand the importance of combining security, functionality, and visual appeal. Our roller shutters for residential properties are designed to offer all three, ensuring your peace of mind while maintaining the beauty of your home.

Why Choose Roller Shutters for Your Home?

  • Aesthetic Integration: Our shutters are crafted to enhance, not detract from, the aesthetics of your property.
  • Emergency Accessibility: Designed for easy opening in emergencies, ensuring safety and convenience.
  • Burglary Protection: Robust defense against break-ins, effectively securing your home.

Customized Solutions for Residential Needs

  • Insulated Roller Shutters: Ideal for homes in urban or colder regions, providing excellent noise reduction and thermal insulation.
  • Security Roller Shutters: Specially designed for enhanced security in vulnerable residential areas.
  • Electric Roller Shutters: Automated for ease of use, a popular choice among modern homeowners for their convenience.

Applications in the Home

  • Window Protection: Offers added security, light control, and privacy, while enhancing insulation.
  • Garage Doors: Secure, space-efficient solutions for protecting vehicles and storage areas.
  • Patio Security: Safeguard leisure spaces without compromising on style or obstructing views

Cost of Residential Roller Shutters Doors

The cost of roller shutter doors largely depends on the materials used (steel or aluminum), size of the door, degree of customization, and the complexity of installation. Each of these factors can significantly influence the overall price. More info on Roller Shutter Door Pricing

Roller Shutter Doors for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Roller shutters are a crucial addition to any commercial property in South Africa, offering versatility, durability, and robust security. Ideal for businesses seeking protection against theft and damage, these shutters also enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the premises.

  • Secure and Strong: Acts as a physical barrier to safeguard your business.
  • Robust and Durable: Engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial environments.
  • Ease of Operation: Available with user-friendly automation options.
Commercial roller shutters serve a variety of applications, each contributing significantly to the security and operational efficiency of different business types.


Roller Shutter Doors for Shop Fronts:

  • Enhances visual appeal while securing products and interiors.
  • Customizable sizes to fit various storefront dimensions.
  • Resistant to weather elements, protecting interior from environmental damages.

Roller Shutter Doors for Warehouses:

  • Facilitates controlled access to secure inventory and assets.
  • Can withstand frequent and heavy operational use.
  • Options for enhanced insulation, maintaining stable interior conditions.

Roller Shutter Doors for Office Buildings:

  • Offers privacy and security for sensitive work areas.
  • Integration with access control systems for enhanced security.
  • Variety of designs to maintain corporate image and branding.

Roller Shutter Doors for Industrial Units:

  • Suitable for large openings in factories and production areas.
  • Heavy-duty construction for enhanced durability and longevity.
  • Can be customized for specific industrial requirements like fire resistance or sound insulation.

Applications of Roller Shutters in Commercial Settings

  • Windows and Doors: Custom-fit for additional security and insulation.
  • Vehicle Entrances: Secure and efficient for warehouses and garages.
  • Shop Fronts and Showrooms: Enhances storefront security with clear visibility when open.
  • Warehouse Doors: Large-scale access with high security and operational speed.
  • Internal Dividers: Effective space management and temperature control in large areas.

Benefits of Roller Shutters for Commercial Properties

  • Enhanced Security: A formidable deterrent against intrusions.
  • Aesthetics: Customizable to complement your business’s look.
  • Improved Insulation: Energy-efficient design for climate control.
  • Noise Reduction: Minimizes external noise for a comfortable workplace.
  • Weather Protection: Shields against harsh environmental elements.

Commercial Roller Shutter Door Pricing

The cost of roller shutter doors largely depends on the materials used (steel or aluminum), size of the door, degree of customization, and the complexity of installation. Each of these factors can significantly influence the overall price. More info on Roller Shutter Door Pricing

Roller Shutters for Shops and Retail Stores

Roller shutters are a vital security component for retail spaces, offering a combination of strength, elegance, and functionality. These shutters are a top choice for business owners in South Africa, from small boutiques to large storefronts.

  • Robust Protection: Strong defense against burglaries and vandalism.Design
  • Versatility: Available in various styles to fit any retail setting.Long-lasting
  • Durability: Constructed to withstand daily use and external elements

Roller Shutter Doors for Shop Fronts:

  • Maximum security for large windows and entrances.
  • Sleek design that complements the storefront’s look.
  • Sturdy barrier against unauthorized entry.

Roller Shutter Doors for Shopping Centres and Malls:

  • Facilitates selective access control for different areas.
  • Soundproofing qualities reduce external noise pollution.
  • Resistant to harsh weather, protecting against wind and rain.

Roller Shutter Doors for Showrooms:

  • Offers a clean and unobtrusive look when open.
  • Lightweight yet robust materials ensure durability.
  • Integrates easily with alarm systems for added security.

Roller Shutter Doors for Restaurants:

  • Creates a barrier against urban pollutants and dust.
  • Allows for seasonal or promotional graphics to be displayed.
  • Fire-resistant materials provide additional safety in kitchen areas.

Advantages for Shops and Retail Spaces:

  • Durability: Made to last in challenging industrial environments.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Various finishes and styles to elevate the look of your premises.
  • Operational Efficiency: Designed for frequent use with minimal maintenance needs.
  • Security: Robust construction to protect against unauthorized entry and external threats.
  • Customization: Wide range of options to suit diverse industrial applications.

Roller Shutter Door for Shops and Retail Spaces Pricing

The cost of roller shutter doors largely depends on the materials used (steel or aluminum), size of the door, degree of customization, and the complexity of installation. Each of these factors can significantly influence the overall price. More info on Roller Shutter Door Pricing

Electrical and Manual Roller Shutter Doors

Electrical Roller Shutter Doors

  • Advanced Automation for Ease and Security:Electrical roller shutter doors, offered by Garage Door Pros, blend modern convenience with robust security. These automated shutters are ideal for businesses and homes in South Africa, providing an effortless operation experience with enhanced safety features.
  • Ease of Use: Operated with the push of a button, remote control, or smart device integration for effortless access.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with sensors and security mechanisms to prevent accidents and unauthorized entry.
  • Energy Efficiency: Automated operations reduce wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the shutter.
Ideal for: Commercial properties, residential garages, industrial facilities, and any setting where convenience and security are priorities.

Manual Roller Shutter Doors

  • Reliable and Cost-Effective Security Solution: Manual roller shutter doors, available through Garage Door Pros, offer a straightforward and reliable way to secure properties. These shutters are particularly suitable for areas where simplicity and cost-effectiveness are key considerations.
  • Simple Operation: Operated manually using a hand crank or chain, providing a no-fuss solution for access control.
  • Durability: Built to withstand rigorous use with minimal maintenance required.
  • Affordability: An economical option for those seeking effective security without the need for automation.
Ideal for: Smaller retail spaces, personal garages, and any location where manual operation is feasible and preferred.

Roller Shutter Door Installation and Repair Services

Garage Door Pros’ partners offers comprehensive roller shutter door installation, repair and maintenance services.

Roller Shutter Door Installations:

  • Professional installation of new roller shutter doors tailored to specific requirements.
  • Guidance on selecting the best roller shutter model for individual needs, considering factors like size, material, and usage frequency.
  • Seamless integration with existing architecture and security systems, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Roller Shutter Door Damage Repair:

  • Immediate response and repair of damages caused by environmental factors, accidents, or vandalism.
  • Skilled restoration of roller shutter integrity and appearance.
  • Custom solutions for complex damage scenarios.

Roller Shutter Door Operational Malfunctions:

  • Immediate response and repair of damages caused by environmental factors, accidents, or vandalism.
  • Skilled restoration of roller shutter integrity and appearance.
  • Custom solutions for complex damage scenarios.

Roller Shutter Door Component Replacement:

  • High-quality replacement of key components like torsion springs, locks, and panels.
  • Installation of upgraded parts for enhanced performance and security.
  • Ensuring compatibility and efficiency with existing roller shutter systems.

Roller Shutter Door, Motor and Control Repairs:

  • Specialized repair services for all types of roller shutter motors and control systems.
  • Upgrading to more efficient and user-friendly control options.
  • Emphasis on safety and compliance with industry standards.

Roller Shutter Door Routine Maintenance:

  • Comprehensive maintenance checks to prevent unexpected failures.
  • Lubrication, alignment, and tension adjustments to ensure optimal performance.
  • Regular assessments for wear and tear, with preemptive measures to avoid major repairs

Why Choose a Garage Door Pros partner to supply and install your Roller Shutter Door?

It can often be difficult to find a reliable Roller Shutter Door supplier and installer and that is why we vetted many companies and selected the best companies to join our network of Roller Shutter Door suppliers and Installers. 

Here are some benefits of selecting a Garage Door Pros partner for your Roller Shutter Door installation:

  • All variants of Roller Shutter Doors
  • Customize your Roller Shutter Door to fit your property and requirements 
  • Extensive experience in installing Roller Shutter Doors for commercial en residential properties.
  • High quality and are built to last
  • Built-on and Built-In versions available
  • Roller Shutter doors are manufactured to iso 9001 standards and are SABS approved

Frequent asked Questions

Roller shutter doors are protective barriers installed over doors and windows, commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. They consist of many horizontal slats hinged together, which roll up to open and down to close.

Roller shutters are highly secure due to their sturdy construction. They act as a strong deterrent against break-ins and vandalism, making them ideal for securing properties.

Yes, roller shutter doors can be customized in terms of size, color, material, and operational mechanisms to suit specific requirements and aesthetics.

Yes, there are several types, including manual and electric roller shutters, transparent shutters, and insulated shutters, each serving different purposes.

Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of moving parts are generally sufficient. It’s also important to check for any signs of wear or damage periodically.

With proper maintenance, roller shutter doors can last many years. The lifespan varies depending on the material and frequency of use.

Most roller shutters are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, including rain, wind, and in some cases, fire, providing added protection for the premises.

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