Roller Shutter Door Prices 2024

Roller shutter door prices start from an affordable R7000, extending up to R100,000+ for customized, automated solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether enhancing the security of your home or fortifying your business premises, Garage Door Pros partners provide a solution that balances aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. 

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Roller Shutter Door Prices by Type

The cost of roller shutter doors by Garage Door Pros varies depending on several factors, including the type of door, materials used, and any additional features or customizations. 

Manual Roller Shutter Doors

Ideal for compact spaces like retail shop fronts or residential garages, manual roller shutters are a cost-effective option. These doors are manually operated using a chain or crank handle, providing a straightforward and reliable solution.

  • Steel Doors: Prices for steel manual roller shutters generally range between R7,000 and R40,000+. Steel doors offer robust security and durability, making them a practical choice for those seeking economical solutions.
  • Aluminium Doors: Priced slightly higher, aluminium manual roller shutters range from R9,000 to R60,000+. The added cost brings the benefits of a lightweight design and resistance to rust, ideal for coastal areas or environments with higher humidity levels.

Automated Roller Shutter Doors

Automated roller shutters are suited for larger entrances or when convenience is a key factor. These doors operate with the push of a button, using remote controls or control panels, and are perfect for frequent usage scenarios.

  • Steel Doors: The cost for automated steel roller shutters typically falls between R10,000 and R50,000+, varying based on the size and complexity of the automation system.
  • Aluminium Doors: For aluminium automated roller shutters, prices start from around R12,000 and can go up to R70,000+. These doors combine high-level security with the ease of automated operation, making them a popular choice for both commercial and upscale residential properties.

Custom Roller Shutter Doors

  • Tailored Solutions: For specific design requirements or unique architectural needs, custom roller shutter doors are the go-to option. These doors are designed to meet exact specifications, whether for aesthetic alignment with the property’s style or for functional adaptations.
  • Pricing: The cost for custom roller shutter doors starts at approximately R15,000+, but can vary significantly based on design complexity, choice of materials, and specific features included.

Note: These prices are average estimates, and the final cost can vary based on individual requirements, location, and the specific nature of the installation site. For an accurate and personalized quote contacting Garage Door Pros is recommended.

Roller Shutter Door Pricing By Application

Roller Shutter Doors for Shops and Other Retail Spaces:

Estimated Price Range: R15,000 to R50,000+. This range caters to customized designs, branding elements, and specific sizes suited for retail spaces.

Roller Shutter Doors for Residential Properties:

Estimated Price Range: R8,000 to R50,000+. Residential roller shutters’ costs are influenced by factors like aesthetic customization, size, and material choice to match home exteriors.

Roller Shutter Doors for Commercial Properties:

Estimated Price Range: R12,000 to R80,000+. The higher price bracket for commercial properties accounts for larger sizes, enhanced security features, and durability.

Car Park Roller Shutter Doors:

Estimated Price Range: R20,000 to R100,000+. Prices here reflect the need for heavy-duty materials, larger dimensions, and often automated access systems for frequent use in car parks.

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors:

Estimated Price Range: R15,000 to R100,000+. Industrial doors are typically at the higher end of the price spectrum due to their requirements for extreme durability, larger sizes, and environmental resistance.

These ranges are indicative and can vary based on the complexity of the installation, the specific model chosen, and any additional customization or security features required. For a more accurate and tailored quote, it’s best to consult with Garage Door Pros directly.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Roller Shutter Doors

When considering the installation of roller shutter doors by Garage Door Pros, it’s essential to understand the various elements that can impact the overall cost. The price of these doors is not fixed and can vary significantly based on several key factors:

Material Used:

  • Steel vs. Aluminium: Steel doors are generally more budget-friendly but are heavier and may require more maintenance. Aluminium doors, while typically more expensive, offer benefits like being lightweight and rust-resistant.
  • Durability and Quality: Higher-grade materials that offer enhanced durability and longevity will generally cost more.

Size of the Door:

  • The dimensions of the roller shutter door play a crucial role in determining the price. Larger doors require more materials and labour, which increases the cost.

Type of Door:

  • Manual vs. Automated: Manual doors are less expensive compared to automated ones. Automation adds convenience but also increases the price due to the additional mechanisms and technology involved.
  • Custom Doors: Custom-designed doors tailored to specific aesthetic or functional requirements can significantly raise the cost due to the extra labour and materials needed.

Installation Complexity:

  • Site-Specific Challenges: The nature of the installation site can influence the cost. Complicated installations that require additional labour, equipment, or structural modifications will incur higher costs.
  • Labour Costs: The expertise and time required to install the doors properly are also factored into the overall cost.

Additional Features and Customization:

  • Security Features: Advanced security features like reinforced slats, upgraded locking mechanisms, or integration with security systems can add to the cost.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Custom colours, finishes, or designs to match the property’s exterior will increase the price.

Brand and Quality of the Roller Shutter:

  • Well-known brands or high-quality shutters generally command a higher price due to their proven durability and performance.

It’s important to balance your budget with the need for quality, security, and functionality to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

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FAQs Pricing on Roller Shutter Doors

What is the starting price for a basic manual roller shutter door?

The starting price for a basic manual roller shutter door typically ranges from R7,000. This price will vary based on the size and material of the door.

How much more does an automated roller shutter door cost compared to a manual one?

Automated roller shutter doors generally start at around R10,000, which can be approximately R3,000 to R5,000 more than the basic manual options. The final price depends on the complexity of the automation system and the door size.

Does the cost of custom roller shutter doors vary significantly from standard ones?

Yes, custom roller shutter doors can be significantly more expensive, with prices starting from around R15,000. The cost increases depending on the complexity of the design, choice of materials, and specific features included.

Are there additional costs for installing roller shutter doors in challenging locations?

Yes, installations in challenging locations that require special equipment or additional labor can incur higher costs. The exact increase in price depends on the nature of the site and the extent of the installation challenges.

Does the choice between steel and aluminium materials affect the price?

Yes, the material choice does affect the price. Aluminium doors are often more expensive than steel ones due to their durability, lightweight nature, and resistance to corrosion.

How does the size of the roller shutter door impact the final cost?

Larger roller shutter doors require more materials and labor, which increases the cost. The final price is typically calculated based on the door’s dimensions.

Is there a significant price difference between residential and commercial roller shutter doors?

Commercial roller shutter doors can be more expensive than residential ones due to their larger size and the need for enhanced security features. The specific requirements of the commercial space can further influence the price.

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